Mesh Provisioning Publisher - Setting & Binding in application #bluetoothmesh #zephyrbluetoothmesh

William Fish

I'm new to this and struggling with BLE Mesh provisioning and need help, I am using Micro-bit (nrf51) which struggle to provision via BlueZ meshctl as they have such little memory hence i am attempting to configure the mesh within the application.

All appears okay with subscriptions and I can send unsolicited massages () but i haven't managed to configure a model to publish. When i run the following I get a -16 error (EBUSY 16    /* Mount device busy */)

Any help appreciated.

    /* Add Sensor Server model Publisher */
    err = bt_mesh_cfg_mod_pub_set(net_idx, addr, addr,
                    BT_MESH_MODEL_ID_SENSOR_CLI, &pub, NULL);       

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