Re: Mesh Provisioning Publisher - Setting & Binding in application #bluetoothmesh #zephyrbluetoothmesh

Johan Hedberg

Hi Billy,

On 26 Feb 2019, at 9.47, William Fish <> wrote:
I'm new to this and struggling with BLE Mesh provisioning and need help, I am using Micro-bit (nrf51) which struggle to provision via BlueZ meshctl as they have such little memory hence i am attempting to configure the mesh within the application.

All appears okay with subscriptions and I can send unsolicited massages () but i haven't managed to configure a model to publish. When i run the following I get a -16 error (EBUSY 16 /* Mount device busy */)
If I were to guess, you’re calling the configuration client APIs without waiting for the responses (passing NULL for the response parameters, like the status) and some previous call has consumed all segmented message sending contexts (CONFIG_BT_MESH_TX_SEG_MSG_COUNT). If that’s the case you’ll either need to wait for the previous operation to complete, or increase these contexts. If you enabled logging (CONFIG_BT_DEBUG_LOG=y) you should also see an error message related to the reason why EBUSY is returned. I realise this may not be feasible however, due to the limited amount of memory on the micro:bit.


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