Re: BUGS (Zephyr v1.14.0-rc1) Feb 26 2019

Marti Bolivar <marti@...>

Hi Kumar,
On Tue, Feb 26, 2019 at 7:39 AM Kumar Gala <> wrote:


121:priority: medium
103:priority: low
8:priority: high
This list is useful -- would you mind also including links to the
relevant GitHub filters in these emails, so devs can drill down on
what they need to fix individually?

I think those are in here:

I'm not 100% sure, though, since wiki pages tend to go stale.


21:platform: NXP
18:area: Networking
17:area: Bluetooth
14:platform: nRF
14:area: Logging
13:area: MISRA-C
12:area: Drivers
11:area: Tests
11:area: Kernel
10:area: ARM
8:platform: ESP32
8:area: Xtensa
8:area: Memory Protection
7:area: Watchdog
7:area: Documentation
6:area: Shell
6:area: Samples
6:area: ARC
5:area: USB
5:area: Sockets
5:area: I2C
4:area: Toolchains
4:area: Testing
4:area: Power Management
4:area: File System
3:area: west
3:area: UART
3:area: Timer
3:area: PWM
3:area: POSIX
3:area: NIOS2
3:area: Device Tree
3:area: Counter
2:platform: STM32
2:good first issue
2:area: Security
2:area: Sanitycheck
2:area: SPI
2:area: Portability
2:area: Other
2:area: GPIO
2:area: Display
2:area: Conformance
2:area: Boards
1:to do
1:platform: ATMEL
1:area: mcumgr
1:area: Testing Suite
1:area: PCI
1:area: OpenThread
1:area: OTA
1:area: Memory Management
1:area: LWM2M
1:area: Kconfig
1:area: IPC
1:area: Flash
1:area: Ethernet
1:area: Debugging
1:area: Crypto / RNG
1:area: Console
1:area: Configuration System
1:area: C Library
1:area: Build System

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