Re: Seeing and running what CI does (was: CODEOWNERS check in CI)

Marc Herbert

On 3 Mar 2019, at 09:09, Nashif, Anas <anas.nashif@...> wrote:

2. As the opposite experience, I also got for another work in progress / hack / draft PR:
Documentation build with 'make htmldocs' failed.
... and that's it; no logs or error message whatsoever, just this line. I have some guesses of what fails in CI while everything works for me (it is a documentation _hack_) but zero information on what exactly or how.
2. & 3.

Still unclear.

A python exception happens in this case, you can always reproduce it locally by running 'make htmldocs'.

As I wrote above "make htmldocs" works for me, this PR is actually
an htmldocs demo.

I am not sure how useful would it be putting the python exception...

It would point at the difference(s) between my environment and
CI = the vast majority of CI failures when testing locally and
thoroughly first.

Again I do have a couple of educated guesses about these differences
(help NOT desired here yet) but they're just that: guesses. No proof.

... in the comments.

Not in the comments but behind some kind of "Details" button with all
the rest of the logs and commands that produced them; exactly like
Shippable (and only Shippable now) does.

Having some smart "error analyzer" summarizing in the github comments
how it understood the unexpected failure would be cool. However it's not
mutually exclusive with sharing complete logs and commands as most
successful CIs do.

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