Re: Default LED Pin for STM32 min dev board

Marti Bolivar <marti@...>

Hi Eghongon (et al),

Welcome to Zephyr!

This sounds like a quick fix - mind just sending a patch? You can link to the datasheet in the GitHub comments for your pull request. Please look at the contributing guide in the docs for details on the procedure.


On Mon, Mar 11, 2019, 10:18 AM Eghonghon Eigbe <E.Eigbe@...> wrote:


We are a group of four Embedded Systems graduate students from TU Delft who are working on analyzing the architecture of the Zephyr project for our Software Architecture class. We want to contribute to the project as well. 

  • When we tried to build Zephyr's blinky example for STM32 minimum development board we found a bug where in the default pin for the on board LED is mapped to PC13 whereas the Zephyr documentation as well as the board's data sheet says it is on PB12 (there is some variability depending on the exact version of the board). Should we open an issue which describes this (along with a solution)?


Thanks and Regards,

Eghonghon, Jure, Oxana & Suryansh

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