Unable to install zephyr in Windows following the getting started guide #gettingstartedguide


Hi zephyr,

I am not able to install the latest zephyr on Windows following the getting started guide.

I have previously installed zephyr on Windows without any issues.
But following the latest getting started guide, where west is now used as a part of installing zephyr, I get some problems with west.

I have forced installation of west again, which can be seen on the first attached picture "clone zephyr using west.png".
In this picture, I then verify the west version, and finally try to install zephyr with west, as explained in the getting started guide.
The errors I get can be seen on this first picture.

Then I try another approach.
I manually clone zephyr to a location using git bash in Windows without any problems.
Then I again follow the getting started guide and create an empty folder named "zephyrproject".
I copy my manually cloned zephyr into this folder.
As seen on the second attached picture "clone zephyr manually and use west after.png", I now have a "zephyr" folder below "zephyrproject" as displayed by the dir command.
Then I use the west init command as explained in the getting started guide and get the same errors, which can also be seen on this second picture.

I hope you can help me fix this issue.

In Linux, everything works fine following the getting started and using west for installing zephyr :-)

Best regards,
Bo Kragelund

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