[Bluetooth mesh]unprovisioned device (micro:bit) can't be discovered

Kai Ren

This is the commit I used: 3aa8443ab41202f978258810961dbc5a74ad2727


I tried to build ./samples/Bluetooth/mesh/ product in Zephyr master following this guide and target device is micro:bit, https://docs.zephyrproject.org/latest/samples/bluetooth/mesh/README.html

I can compile source code (the compiler is gcc-arm-2018q4) and flash firmware into micro:bit.

But after board reset, I found that I can’t use iOS app, nRF Mesh, to discover it. However, following this guide, https://docs.zephyrproject.org/latest/samples/bluetooth/mesh/README.html


This sample demonstrates Bluetooth Mesh functionality. It has several standard Mesh models, and supports provisioning over both the Advertising and the GATT Provisioning Bearers (i.e. PB-ADV and PB-GATT). The application also needs a functioning serial console, since that’s used for the Out-of-Band provisioning procedure.


Then, I took a look on prj_bbc_microbit.conf in folder./samples/Bluetooth/mesh/, I found that it haven’t defined below:







Without these pre-define, how does micro:bit support PB-ADV and PB-GATT?








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