Re: [Bluetooth mesh]unprovisioned device (micro:bit) can't be discovered

Johan Hedberg

Hi Kai,

On 12 Mar 2019, at 16.29, Kai Ren <kren@...> wrote:
This is the commit I used: 3aa8443ab41202f978258810961dbc5a74ad2727

I tried to build ./samples/Bluetooth/mesh/ product in Zephyr master following this guide and target device is micro:bit,
I can compile source code (the compiler is gcc-arm-2018q4) and flash firmware into micro:bit.
But after board reset, I found that I can’t use iOS app, nRF Mesh, to discover it. However, following this guide,

“This sample demonstrates Bluetooth Mesh functionality. It has several standard Mesh models, and supports provisioning over both the Advertising and the GATT Provisioning Bearers (i.e. PB-ADV and PB-GATT). The application also needs a functioning serial console, since that’s used for the Out-of-Band provisioning procedure.”

Then, I took a look on prj_bbc_microbit.conf in folder./samples/Bluetooth/mesh/, I found that it haven’t defined below:


Without these pre-define, how does micro:bit support PB-ADV and PB-GATT?
It doesn’t. It seems like a possible oversight with this configuration file. There’s a second one for this sample app called microbit_gatt.conf which does have PB_GATT=y. Note that the micro:bit with its 16k of RAM was always quite tricky when it came to fitting both the mesh and the provisioning protocols on it. That’s why we’ve done self-provisioning e.g. with samples/bluetooth/mesh_demo since it doesn’t require any provisioning bearer to be compiled in. I’d be curious to hear if you can still fit a Mesh + PB-GATT build onto the micro:bit, since I suspect Zephyr’s RAM footprint may have gone up slightly during the past year.


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