Few questions regarding sockets/DTLS and net_offload

Benjamin Lindqvist

First, regarding delayed handshakes. In sockets_tls.c:

if (net_context_get_type(ctx) == SOCK_STREAM) {
/* Do the handshake for TLS, not DTLS. */

This had our scratching our heads for a while today because net_app DTLS seemed to handshake immediately. Why does ztls_connect_ctx delay handshake for DTLS?

The second question is regarding TLS HOSTNAME. I think I recall reading that this is required by default, but can be disabled. What's the proper way of doing this?

Third, has anyone successfully verified sockets and DTLS with a driver using the net_offload API? Some of the asserts and backtraces we've been observing while trying to get it to work today has been sort of... suspicious. Just wondering if anyone can verify that nothing has been broken.

Best regards,

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