Re: [Bluetooth mesh]unprovisioned device (micro:bit) can't be discovered

Johan Hedberg

Hi Kai,

On 15 Mar 2019, at 12.12, Kai Ren <kren@...> wrote:
I had done it, the micro:bit can be:
1. provisioned by nRF Mesh and meshctl through PB-GATT
2. don't support provisioningdata persistent storage;
3. model configuration, just two models here: Configuration Server and Generic OnOff Server. Micro:bit can be configured through PB-GATT.
4. don't support Proxy.
5. basing on Zephyr v1.12 release.

I tried to put it basing on v1.14-rc1, but I think it's impossible.
I wouldn’t say it’s impossible. I bet there’s still place for memory optimisation, e.g. thread stacks that can be shrunk, buffer sizes & counts that can be lowered, and possibly unneeded features that can be disabled. Someone would just need to find the time to look into this :)


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