Re: How to run samples/subsys/usb/console on windows with nrf52840_pac10056?

Lars Knudsen

I just found this awesome article by Reilly Grant covering all the quirks:

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Hi Carles,

If the right descriptors are added, it should be possible to get working without the *.inf file.  Windows is a mess - but it *is* possible.

There seem to be something wrong in the descriptors (at least in the WebUSB sample) preventing windows from picking up the device sans drivers - but I know it is possible because I made it in this project (mbed based... trying to find time to port it over ;)) ->

(it depends on this lib that has some of the webusb support -> )

Also... remember that windows remembers devices and their drivers.. and during development/test of the solution, the easiest might be to have a clean windows VM that can be deleted on every try ... that or bump the PID ;) ... windows is ..interesting


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Hi Aaron,


This is because Windows needs an .inf file with matching VID/PID.

Marcin from Nordic is currently working on addressing that.






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I want to evaluate the samples/subsys/usb/console sample. It looks quite easy from the README file. But my PC(win10) cannot recognize the USB console(I suppose CDC device) correctly.


PS: I connect the J3 port on pca10056 to my PC and switch the SW9 to "USB".




Do I miss something?


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