How to enable DMA transfers for UART?

Stefan Jaritz


I am currently experimenting with ZephyrOS on different tasks. My base is an own dev board which has a stm32f4xx MCU that connects different ICs etc. via UART, I2C, SPI & GPIOs.

Currently the UART ISR is too slow to catch all chars at a rx burst. Usually I am using UART + DMA transfers to relieve the MCU and save energy.

I checked the UART stm32 api and saw that it is not utilizing things like uart DMA transfers. But there is an complete DMA API available. Yeah! Now I looked at the sample section to get a blueprint for doing so. Ups! Nothing

So I am asking for help or some example how to do an UART & DMA.

Think having an ringbuffer for rx and an intr firing after n Bytes received via DMA. Also doing the tx via DMA would be perfect. Any ideas to setup the Zephyr drivers to do so?

Kind regards!


PS: there is an nice article on that here

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