Building multiple images

Sebastian Boe

Hi all,

due to how advanced security features (TEE) and device firmware
upgrade (MCUBoot) is organized we are seeing the need to boot
Zephyr applications in multiple stages. A real-world use-case of
even a 3-stage boot process has been identified and tested at

Each bootloader needs to be individually upgrade-able and have
it's own configurations of Zephyr libraries. To achieve this each
bootloader must be organized as it's own executable.

To make matters worse, in a multi-core AMP system each core would
also require at least one executable.

The problem is that the build system can only build one
executable. This creates a usability issue as the user must
invoke a large set of arcane commands to build, sign, and flash
each executable.

After considering many options we have finally ended up with a
solution proposal that is merge-ready. See the PR for details

Please add your feedback in the PR and let us know what you think
of the proposed change.

SEBASTIAN BØE | Software Developer
Trondheim, Norway |

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