Triggering Z_SYSCALL_HANDLER calls

Ooi, Cinly

Dear All

I am trying to write some coverage test to cover  Z_SYSCALL_HANDLERs and I need some clue on how to start.  I know I have to set CONFIG_USERSPACE.

Normally for  Z_SYSCALL_HANDLER(funcA), gcov reports that  z_impl_funcA() were called, but the line Z_SYSCALL_HANDLER() might not be called. This is despite other Z_SYSCALL_HANDLER() are called. I see this in kernel/timer.c where
(1) Z_SYSCALL_HANDLER(k_timer_status_get) and z_impl_k_timer_status_get() were both being called, but
(2) Z_SYSCALL_HANDLER(k_timer_stop) not called but z_impl_k_timer_stop() was called

Many thanks in advance

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