Re: [Bluetooth Mesh] How is the correct way to make a self provision #bluetoothmesh #zephyrbluetoothmesh

Johan Hedberg

Hi Lucas,

It looks like you’ve enabled CONFIG_BT_SETTINGS, but are not calling settings_load() in your app. It might explain the behaviour you’re seeing, since you’re effectively leaving the stack partially uninitialised without an identity address. Since you mentioned the mesh_demo app, you could e.g. look at where/how it calls settings_load().


On 21 Mar 2019, at 20.34, Lucas Peixoto <lucaspeixotoac@...> wrote:

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Hello, I need help to understand what is the correct way to make a self provision. I have two boards(nrf52_pca10040) and them will be provisioned on the same network to make some tests. So far I was using my phone(nRF mesh) to make the provision. However this approach was delaying the development, so I decided use self provision. Reading some examples like bluetooth/mesh_demo I implemented this:


Below I show the necessary elements and srv models to solve my problem:


The problem is that when I flashed the firmware I got this:


"Advertising failed: err -22" and "Failed to avertise using Network ID" keep happening all the time, in loop. So what I need to do to solve this?

@EDIT: err -22 is related to "Invalid Argument" according to the errno.h, but I don't know exactly which one.

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