Re: [Bluetooth Mesh] How is the correct way to make a self provision #bluetoothmesh #zephyrbluetoothmesh

Johan Hedberg

Hi Lucas,

(added zephyr-devel back to CC since this info may benefit others as well)

On 21 Mar 2019, at 21.29, Lucas Peixoto <lucaspeixotoac@...> wrote:
Interesting, I was using this CONFIG_BT_SETTINGS because I got it on other project. I did what you said and the errors were gone, thank you, apparently is working. One more thing, this messages "<wrn> bt_mesh_cfg_cli: Unexpected App Key Status message" are normal or is missing something?
No, that’s normal. It means you used the configuration client API without requesting it to wait for the response messages from the (local) configuration server. In that case the client code considers the responses unexpected since it didn't saved any context for the pending request.


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