One-for-all overlay file for each sensor

Aaron Xu


For evaluating sensor samples, I need to add overlay file for every board into every sample. But the content of the overlay file is almost the same, for example :
&i2c0 {
hts221@5f {
        compatible = "st,hts221";
        reg = <0x5f>;
        label = "HTS221";
Only different is the overlay file's name, and need to adapt i2c interface for different boards sometimes. After that we can fetch data in polling mode at least.

As most of those sensors support i2c interface or SPI or both, I think we can simplify this process with the standard interface name, like arduino_i2c/arduino_spi. And save user's time for creating such kind of overlay files.

Can I have a one-for-all overlay file for each sensor, which I don't need to specify the board's name?

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