#bluetoothmesh Help for sending and receiving messages through mesh #bluetoothmesh



I am working on a project using Mesh with nrf52 boards. I have 3 boards for now, two of them are in a mesh network (boards A and B) (I will have more later to hava a real mesh network), and the last one is a beacon (board C).
I want to collect C's data on board A, and then sending those data by sending a message to B. It must be done periodically.
I have a few questions.

1. Do I need to use a mesh model to send a message through the mesh ? If yes, how can I use it ? I'm asking this because I felt like I could do otherwise.

2. It looks like I could use hearbeat message to send this message, but I'm not sure if I to use it. Could I have some explanation on how the heartbeat works, and on where it publish ?

3. Is it possible for the beacon to be in BLE and not a part of the mesh network ? I mean that I don't know if I can use BLE and Mesh in one node (for A and B) in order to scan for beacons to collect data and then send a message with the data collected.

Thanks for your response.

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