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Hi Nick,
HTTP support is set to be dropped soon last I heard yes, this is because it hasn’t been converted to use the new sockets API and has no active maintainer, that may change in the future.

You can do it multiple ways, the easiest would be to have static pages but have the dynamic data on specific URIs like /sensor returning a list of the data in JSON format and then having some AJAX on the webpage which gets this data and puts it where it is needed, it would require a web browser with JavaScript to function, but doesn’t require reloading the whole page to update the values on it.

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I see there is an example for a dumb HTTP server for Zephyr in the samples folder. This example serves a single static web page when going to that IP address in a web browser. Is it possible to make a dynamic web page using Zephyr?


My use case is to have my FRDM-K64F board host the server and change values on the web page every couple seconds. The board will receive data and put it on the web page essentially. Is this possible?


I also read online that Zephyr removed its HTTP API. Would this affect me trying to build this application?




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