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Hello Nicholas,

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I see there is an example for a dumb HTTP server for Zephyr in the
samples folder. This example serves a single static web page when
going to that IP address in a web browser. Is it possible to make a
dynamic web page using Zephyr?

My use case is to have my FRDM-K64F board host the server and change
values on the web page every couple seconds. The board will receive
data and put it on the web page essentially. Is this possible?
Zephyr offers a (sizable subset of) BSD Socket API, which means you can
either implement such a server relatively easily or port an existing
(small) one to Zephyr.

Availability of an HTTP server library in Zephyr tree largely depends
on doing a good research among the existing small HTTP server (also,
client) implementations, choosing the best one, or discarding them all
and embarking on writing our own from scratch. So far, nobody did that

Hasting with adding such a library to Zephyr can only lead to sub-ideal
choice, which later will need to be replaced with something else or
changes substantially, leading to breakage of user applications. In
this regard, starting so far with out-of-tree libraries seems like
good choice (and sharing any experience with them is very welcome and
will be helpful to choose the "official" library to import in-tree).

I also read online that Zephyr removed its HTTP API. Would this
affect me trying to build this application?

Nicholas Yameen
R&D Engineer

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