Re: #bluetoothmesh Help for sending and receiving messages through mesh #bluetoothmesh



I am trying to implement two vendor models : one client and one server. I made a little specification of that model, and it just need two messages handlers : get and status. The client will send a get message to the server to receive a status response from the server.

To send periodically this message, as Johan Hedberg suggested me, I want to use periodic publishing.
Yet, I have trouble to see how I can use it. This is what I have add in my code :
 * Client Configuration Declaration

static struct bt_mesh_cfg_cli cfg_cli = {

static struct bt_mesh_cfg_mod_pub mod_periodic_pub = {
    .ttl     = 7,
    .period    = BT_MESH_PUB_PERIOD_SEC(7),

I don't believe it should be written like that. Could someone help me ?

Also, for my Vendor Models I don't know if i should add a vendor_publish function, I just want to send a get message periodically to the server so it can respond with the status message.


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