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Daniel Thompson <daniel.thompson@...>

On 24/05/17 15:28, Brett Preston wrote:
"Is there any eclipse based SDK available for development and debugging?"
The upstream Eclipse + CDT can do most of this but needs patient configuring. To be honest I haven't used eclipse in ages but here are some rough ideas:

1. You will need to either source and then launch eclipse
from that shell or you will have to study and set the
environment variables yourself inside eclipse.

2. For the indexing and refactoring tools to work you set things up as a
Makefile project and force V=1 onto the make command line. Once you
have done this CDT will be able to deduce the include paths and macro
definitions it need in order to scan the source code properly.

3. You should be able to setup make targets for things like "flash" but
I don't think this will work as nicely for "debugserver". Instead
you may have to just create a raw launcher configuration to
start/stop openocd from within the GUI.

4. There are lots of tutorials on setting up cross-gdb from eclipse...


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