Re: [Zephyr-tsc] Github CODEOWNERS auto-assignment doesn't work as expected


Thanks Paul,
Do you have some indication of when did this break?


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As was noticed in a few (multiple?) PRs, automatic reviewer assignment based on the CODEOWNERS file no longer works as expected, specifically fails to assign reviewers.

A recent example of this is - while there's an entry:

/subsys/net/ip/ @jukkar @tbursztyka @pfalcon

in CODEOWNERS, I wasn't requested for review. Again, that's not the only case.

For a clean-room test, I submitted and as can be seen, the reviewer list is empty.

This is problematic, because there's a risk that under-reviewed changes will get into the codebase, causing regressions. So, raising to the awareness of the TSC.

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