Re: [Zephyr-tsc] Github CODEOWNERS auto-assignment doesn't work as expected

Marc Herbert


I wasn't requested for review. Again, that's not the only case. [...]
This is problematic, because there's a risk that under-reviewed
changes will get into the codebase, causing regressions. So, raising
to the awareness of the TSC.
While github's features should really work as expected to save confusion
and everyone's time, I hope this "under-review" risk is very small
because I would expect every reviewer to... review the list of other
reviewers first thing and add anyone they think could be missing and
could help. Not just other co-owners, far from it.

Database-backed review tools like github avoid broadcasts. This can be
an advantage compared to pure email reviews but it requires a reasonable
"networking" effort; otherwise there's a risk of ending up with the
other extreme: semi-private, not very open-source reviews. I would also
expect developers to err on the "oversubscription" side a bit because
withdrawing from a review takes one click whereas you can't add yourself
to something you don't know exist.

The above is just based on experience with code reviews in general and
more specifically the acute problem of finding reviewers' time. Everyone
loves code reviews, yet for some reason I rarely ever see time scheduled
for them :-) Thanks in advance for correcting any of the generalities
above that wouldn't apply to Zephyr.

I see that a whole bunch of changes was made to the CODEOWNERS file
just recently.
Just imagine that any of those changes could break syntax a bit or
propagation of changes to it could glitch on Github side, leading to
the effect we see. And that's not counting a possible coincidence of
Github tighting up the syntax for that file...
It'd be nice from github to share the corresponding parsing code; think
open source.


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