Re: [Zephyr-tsc] Github CODEOWNERS auto-assignment doesn't work as expected

Marc Herbert

On Fri, Apr 26, 2019 at 02:49 AM, Paul Sokolovsky wrote:
Actually, fishing for that link, I see that a whole bunch of changes
was made to the CODEOWNERS file just recently:

Just imagine that any of those changes could break syntax a bit or
propagation of changes to it could glitch on Github side, leading to
the effect we see.
Good guess. Anas found the bug (commas) and fixed it at

Curious how Anas debugged this because I just found this user who put a lot of effort:

Dear [github] support,
I’ve discovered what I believe to be a bug in CODEOWNERS. In particular, a single line failing to parse [trailing # comment] causes the entire file to stop identifying codeowners. This is in contrast to .gitignore, in which a single line failing to parse simply causes that line to be skipped. [...] I verified this behavior by making a sandbox repository and making pull requests until I narrowed down when the bug occurred [...] This situation was exacerbated by a lack of error messages in the GitHub UI. Ideally, we’d have access to a linter or at least highlighting in GitHub that would call out invalid syntax. 
Github's answer:
Thanks for reaching out! This is currently expected behavior, but I can definitely understand why it would be unexpected. I’ll pass your feedback along to the team internally. I can’t say if or when a change will happen, but your feedback is in the right hands.

So apparently no "API" available, it would have been documented at otherwise. No need to ask github either as the feedback is already "in the right hands".


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