Re: Question about "Zephyr Modules"

Pushpal Sidhu

Hi Anas,

On 5/9/19, Nashif, Anas <> wrote:

You will need to use west to get the modules, but you can still build do
everything else as usual.
QMSI is just the first of many PR that we follow.
Thank you for your response. I figured that we're moving towards these
modules. I just wanted to verify that west is becoming an integral
tool for working with Zephyr. It sounds very similar to bitbake.

Has the question of backups been answered? For example, if the source
that a build relies on disappears, how can we continue to use it?

Will west be included with the SDK in the future? Or maybe not because
looking at the documentation, west can actually be used to clone down

Thanks again!
- Pushpal


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Hi All,

This commit caught my eye:

Does this mean that, if we use the qmsi hal going forward, we *must* use
west (I wonder why it wasn't called zest instead..) instead of the older
"cmake -DBOARD=xyz" and "make"?

This is really a general question for 'zephyr modules' as I haven't
familiarized myself with west.

- Pushpal

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