Re: More apps sharing the same building system #nrf52840

Yasushi SHOJI


On Wed, Apr 10, 2019 at 9:05 PM <gabrielef@...> wrote:
The question is how to make more apps to share the same cmake building system ?
Do you mean by "apps" to create multiple images for multiple boards,
or multiple threads in one image?
Zephyr is not like Linux; meaning that you don't have multiple apps
running on a board. Rather, It runs an
image file containing "the app" with multiple threads. Each thread
has an entry point and acts like an
application. All source code is linked together to create a binary file.

I've failed by creating a second folder myprojects/app1 and adjusting the CMakeLists.txt accordingly.
It'd help us if you post your sample app but it sound more like CMake issue.
I don't know any good cmake tutorial but you can google for it and
find something like the following.

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