Moving external components out of the main tree

Nashif, Anas



Most of you already use the west tool for various things already, including building, flashing, signing and other common operations. One of the main reasons west was introduced was to support building Zephyr with external modules hosted in external repositories. The first module that was split out of the tree was tinycbor and it seems to be working well. It is time now to start moving many of the external components out of the tree and keep the main zephyr code base as lean and as self-contained as possible and we have a few pull requests already lined up. The ultimate goal is to remove all HALs and external libraries to repositories maintained under the zephyr project org on github and yet maintain the main zephyr tree in a state that allows building a representative amount of configuration for testing purposes.


With the changes coming over the next few weeks you need to remember to update the environment with `west update` and pull the latest changes per the manifest from all configured modules. Failing to do so will result in inconsistent build results. So instead of just pulling zephyr (with zephyr pull or zephyr fetch) please make sure you use `west update` to get the latest state of the code in modules whenever the manifest changes.


For more information about module and how to submit changes to modules or how to submit a new module, visit:


First batch of changes to move ext/ components into modules will start going into the tree starting tomorrow (Wed.)







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