Re: [Zephyr-announce] Zephyr SDK 0.10.1-rc1 available

Paul Sokolovsky

Hello Kumar,

On Thu, 6 Jun 2019 17:01:06 -0500
Kumar Gala <kumar.gala@...> wrote:


Can we please before the release do something about very outdated
Newlib in Xtensa SDK toolchain: ? That
complicates most of POSIX subsys work, and requires landing ugly
workarounds in the main codebase.
Is there a newer Newlib for Xtensa available?
To the best of my knowledge, there's a single Newlib project, hosted at , which is mostly
architecture-independent, though definitely may need some arch-specific
code (setjmp/longjmp are usual suspects). If there's a fork of Newlib
with Xtensa-specific changes, made in 2015, and not merged upstream
since then, and we chose to use it in Zephyr SDK, then ... we have a
typical downstream maintenance problem.

I definitely can look in Zephyr SDK project to see if that's true, but
I'm not sure if that would help much. The above situation doesn't
scale, and if we're blocked on outdated Newlib for one of
architectures, another approach would be to state that POSIX subsystem
requires up-to-date Newlib (on par with the rest of the archs), and
then exclude non-compliant archs from CI for POSIX subsys.

Let me know if you agree and I should prepare such a patch on next
occasion where Xtensa fails where other platforms works ok.

- k

Best Regards,
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