Re: "net arp" command displays "ARP cache is empty" even after a series of arpings from peer devices #nrf52840



Thanks for your reply. I am sure that, I am getting ICMP reply correctly and there is no entry in the ARP cache. But, I need to tell you about a code change that I have made in the Zephyr drivers, in the process of my application development. I have disabled a piece of code in the file "zephyr/subsys/net/l2/ethernet/ethernet.c". Attached this file to the mail. The code under "#if DISABLED"  is the code that was disabled. Please let me know whether this change is responsible for the behavior I have stated in my previous mail. Below is the reason for the code-change. Please go through.

Reason for the code change:
I was trying to interface ENC28J60 to PCA10056. I have flashed dumb_http_server example. But I was unable to see the web page in the browser. I have verified the ethernet packet transactions in wireshark application. I saw a series of ARP requests and replies between server and client. (Please verify the screenshot of wireshark application attached to the mail. In the attached screenshot "" is the IP of the system where I am loading the web page and "Microchi_23:3d:65"  is the ip of my device.) So, for a trial I have disabled the ARP related code in the function "ethernet_ll_prepare_on_ipv4". From then, I was able to see the web page on the browser. Also, I am able to ping the device. But ARP cache always shows as empty. 

Please help me to understand, why I was unable to see web page until I disabled ARP related code. Also let me know whether my code change is responsible for ARP cache being empty. Please let me know if you need more information.

Thanks in advance,
Giri Prasad N.

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