Re: ninja guiconfig fail #gettingstartedguide

Carles Cufi

Hi there,


I can’t explain it unless you are not on the current master. guiconfig was introduced after the release of Zephyr 1.14, so if you are on 1.14 you won’t be able to use it.




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Hi Carles,
Here is my detail steps to reproduce this fail:
OS version: Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS 64 bits
install zephyr development environment:
    1. sudo apt-get update
    2. sudo apt-get upgrade
        sudo apt-get install --no-install-recommends git cmake ninja-build gperf \
        ccache dfu-util device-tree-compiler wget \
        python3-pip python3-setuptools python3-wheel xz-utils file make gcc \
    4. pip3 install --user cmake

zephyr sdk:
    1. version:
    2. install path: ~/zephyr/sdk
get zephyr source code:
    cd ~/zephyr
    pip3 install --user west
    west --version
    west init source
    cd source
    west update
    the version was 1.14.99, source path: ~/zephyr/source
install python packages:
    cd ~/zephyr/source
    pip3 install --user -r zephyr/scripts/requirements.txt     
    sudo apt-get install python3-tk
export variant:
    cd ~/zephyr/source/zephyr
    export ZEPHYR_SDK_INSTALL_DIR=~/zephyr/sdk
build sample:
    cd samples/bluetooth/hci_uart/
    mkdir build && cd build
    cmake -GNinja -DBOARD=nrf52_pca10040 ..
    Zephyr version: 1.14.99
-- Selected BOARD nrf52_pca10040
-- Found west: /home/jeremy/.local/bin/west (found suitable version "0.5.7", minimum required is "0.5.6")
-- Loading /home/jeremy/zephyr/source/zephyr/boards/arm/nrf52_pca10040/nrf52_pca10040.dts as base
-- Overlaying /home/jeremy/zephyr/source/zephyr/dts/common/common.dts
-- Overlaying /home/jeremy/zephyr/source/zephyr/samples/bluetooth/hci_uart/nrf52_pca10040.overlay
Parsing Kconfig tree in /home/jeremy/zephyr/source/zephyr/Kconfig
Loading /home/jeremy/zephyr/source/zephyr/samples/bluetooth/hci_uart/build/zephyr/.config as base
Configuration written to '/home/jeremy/zephyr/source/zephyr/samples/bluetooth/hci_uart/build/zephyr/.config'
-- Cache files will be written to: /home/jeremy/.cache/zephyr
Including module: tinycbor in path: /home/jeremy/zephyr/source/modules/lib/tinycbor
Including module: qmsi in path: /home/jeremy/zephyr/source/modules/hal/qmsi
-- Configuring done
-- Generating done
-- Build files have been written to: /home/jeremy/zephyr/source/zephyr/samples/bluetooth/hci_uart/build
[137/142] Linking C executable zephyr/zephyr_prebuilt.elf
Memory region         Used Size  Region Size  %age Used
           FLASH:       73191 B       512 KB     13.96%
            SRAM:       18908 B        64 KB     28.85%
        IDT_LIST:         136 B         2 KB      6.64%
[142/142] Linking C executable zephyr/zephyr.elf
    jeremy@jeremy:~/zephyr/source/zephyr/samples/bluetooth/hci_uart/build$ ninja menuconfig
[0/1] cd /home/jeremy/zephyr/source/zephyr/samples/bluetooth/hci_uart/build/zephyr/...urce/zephyr/scripts/kconfig/ /home/jeremy/zephyr/source/zephyr/Kconfig
Using existing configuration '/home/jeremy/zephyr/source/zephyr/samples/bluetooth/hci_uart/build/zephyr/.config' as base
No changes to save (for '/home/jeremy/zephyr/source/zephyr/samples/bluetooth/hci_uart/build/zephyr/.config')
    jeremy@jeremy:~/zephyr/source/zephyr/samples/bluetooth/hci_uart/build$ ninja guiconfig
ninja: error: unknown target 'guiconfig'

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