Zephyr 1.9 M0 milestone is quickly approaching; Need to wrap up 1.9 planning

Linkmeyer, Mark J <mark.j.linkmeyer@...>

Zephyr TSC Members and Zephyr Developers,
As we approach the M5 milestone for Zephyr 1.8 (the 1.8 release milestone planned for end of next week), we simultaneously approach the M0 milestone for Zephyr 1.9 where the goal is to have 1.9 fully planned.  By that I mean all stories and tasks that are planned to be delivered as part of 1.9 are specified properly in Jira, prioritized correctly, and have their Fix Version/s field set to v1.9.0 – which signifies they are planned to be part of the 1.9 release.  Also, as appropriate, they should be associated with any relevant epics.  The TSC met on Tuesday to finalize the list of high-level features to be delivered in 1.9.  They are:
  • Thread
  • BLE Mesh
  • BSD Sockets
  • Build System Enhancements (e.g. support for cmake)
  • MMU/MPU (including thread isolation)
You can see the current list of stories and tasks to be delivered in 1.9 (organized by epic) by looking at this Jira board:  https://jira.zephyrproject.org/secure/RapidBoard.jspa?rapidView=46
The TSC is meeting again next Tues or Wed to review progress towards getting 1.9 fully planned so if you notice any stories or tasks are missing in the list for 1.9, please add them before Tuesday morning.  Please help us to get the right list of feasible stories and tasks for 1.9 correctly captured in Jira.
As a reminder, here’s how the Zephyr project uses the different Jira issue types (epics, stories, tasks, and bugs):  https://wiki.zephyrproject.org/view/Jira_Usage_Help.  And here are the definitions used when setting the priority field:  https://wiki.zephyrproject.org/view/Jira_Usage_Help#Priority_Definitions.
If you have any questions, please let me know.
Mark Linkmeyer
Intel Corporation
Open Source Technology Centerà Zephyr™ Software Project Manager
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