Re: Development in Zephyr

Wang, Steven L

Hi Muhammad:

   I ever played around Blue Mesh demo under /samples/boards/reel_board/mesh_badge. I'm not sure if it is what you refers in the email. Anyway, if you want to play around it, you need a reel board( Then, follow the steps below.


   mdkir build && cd build

   cmake -DBOARD=reel_board ..
   make flash


On 6/24/2019 3:22 PM, Muhammad Muh wrote:

Hi.....I found this email address from Zephyr Projects. Basically i am totally new in the area of development. I want to start development using Zephyr. I have already installed Zephyr by following the instruction given in the website. Also, ran the hello world program. Now i want to take help from you people as how i should go on and  develop the application like given in your Zephyr SAMPLES. I am confused from where i start my programming. For example talking of Bluetooth Mesh Sample. You have one sample program. First of all how can i see the output of Mesh Demo Program. Moreover, from where i start to add on features and run with some hardware board as given in the list on zephyr website. I will be thank full if i can get help to start my programming in Zephyr. 

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