Re: Name of new Driver API

Carles Cufi

Hi Tom,


Thanks for asking here, we can also have a quick vote in the API call next week if you can attend.


RTIO, with an rtio_ prefix being used in the code, sounds sensible to me, +1 on the name.






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Hi Zephyr Devs,


I've been working on an updated driver API that intends to encompass a wide array of devices including sensors and some signal output devices. Very similar in nature to what Linux provides in its IIO driver API. The intention is create a way of efficiently moving and processing streams of data in a DMA friendly way on small devices.


I started off with the name ZIO as an abbreviation of Zephyr IO, quickly realizing that Linux had a similar in purpose driver API already written for it. I thought this was a large enough conflict in naming to warrant renaming things.



I've since been using the prefix of RTIO, short for Real-Time IO, which I think very much relates to what I'm doing. I've already gotten some positive feedback from a fellow zephyr developer on the name but I think its important the wider community has their say.


I don't think the name sensor really helps to encompass what this API does in its entirety, or its goals. I do think something along the lines of IO is appropriate. Real-Time IO does better encompass what it does in my opinion.


I'd like the communities opinion on this name, and if you are not thrilled with it, one good name suggestion.


Any new suggested names should be short, there's an 80 character line limit after all and much that needs to go to non-prefix stuff.


I'm happy to go with what the community feels is a good name. But again, I do not think sensor/sensor2/etc would really do what this is justice. It would pigeon hole the work.







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