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Jennifer M Williams

Welcome to Zephyr, @"Explorer! Thanks for the question – others can provide their feedback and suggestions, too. Can you elaborate on the middleware support you found was lacking? It might help to know more about your requirements.


Re: new to Zephyr - Have you had a chance to check out the Getting Started Guide and Application Developers Guide? There are also many Samples and Demos for a variety of supported boards.




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I am MCU development guy and I am new to Zephyr OS, do not know if a good place to mail here, pls just ignore it if this mail is not proper to be here. 


I want to know if Zephyr can have a good way to seperate Driver & Kernel  and Application development in an product development lifetime?  Linux is a good example as it support elf-loader and standard Driver & Kernel model.


My reason:   

    High performance MCU, not MPU (Cortex M7 and 64-bit RISC-V based , STM32F7, NXP i.MX RT1052 ) , they are are becoming popular, so there are much more software development work should be done on these MCU, while there is little elegant open source RTOS with mature middleware to support such kind of high-performance MCU development.  

     eCos and  uCLinux are  maybe good but these projects are nearly dead , the popolar uCOS or FreeRTOS are just too light-weight (lack of middlerware supported). 

     If application development and low-level driver can be seperated and standarized, maybe there will be lots of  middleware can port from Linux ecosystem and ZephyrOS can benifit from it.


Do not know if i am right, correct me if i am wrong~





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