[devel] STM32F7 Port

Lucas Tanure <tanure@...>


I would like to develop the port for stm32f7, in order to use zephyr
in my STM32F746G-DISCO.
I saw some code related to stm32f7 under "ex" folder, and one thread
in november of 2016 : "Porting to ARM Cortex-M7 / Atmel SAM E70

How is the status for that ?

I was thinking write the source for the CPU first, like copy
arch/arm/soc/st_stm32/stm32f4 to arch/arm/soc/st_stm32/stm32f7
and modify it acording to :
RM0385 Reference manual STM32F75xxx and STM32F74xxx advanced ARM ®
-based 32-bit MCUs

Can I work on it ? Or already there is someone working on that ?


Lucas Tanure
Embedded Developer

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