[RFC] Proposed development plan for Zephyr's POSIX subsystem

Paul Sokolovsky


The POSIX subsystem in Zephyr catches attention of more and more users,
as a means to streamline porting of the software to Zephyr (just take
existing code and build it for Zephyr - what could be simpler!). The
POSIX subsystem is under active development during last half-year to
achieve this (currently still fairly distant) ideal. Recently, there
was some questioning of where exactly the POSIX subsystem goes, and by
which ways. https://github.com/zephyrproject-rtos/zephyr/issues/17706
was created to capture answers to these questions and unblock further
progress of this important direction.

I would like to invite all interested parties to read and discuss it.
If there won't be timely feedback, there's a chance that very important
patches, waiting in the queue for months, won't make it into Zephyr 2.0,
further putting away Zephyr's adoption for real-world projects (most of
which aren't writing software from scratch, but reusing existing


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