Re: Zephyr Sample Demo with nrf52840 Dongle

Lars Knudsen

Hi Muhammad,

I have an example project that needs a few changes to be compatible with the latest master (was using 1.14-rc) - but maybe it can be used for inspiration:


On Wed, Jul 24, 2019 at 9:17 AM Serafin <serafin@...> wrote:

Hi Muhammad

I doubt anyone here can give you a better general write up then the documentation. So you need to provide information about the specific problem.

  • Which exact instructions are you following
  • What is your operating System and Toolchain
  • Which version of Zephyr are you running
  • Which steps are unclear / make you problems
  • Where does it fail? What is the error output.
  • Additional information

Best regards


On 24/07/2019 03:52, Muhammad Muh wrote:


I am totally new in Zephyr. I am new in the field of IoT programming. I have gone through the tutorial of zephyr. Learned some things. But now i want to go through the Sample examples of Blink LED and Mesh Demo so that i can have a start off. I have tried to run the sample as per the instructions given in the tutorial but not successful. I will be grateful if you can help me in this regards. Waiting for the kind reply. Thank you in advance.



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