Re: west 0.6.0rc1

Bolivar, Marti

I forgot to add: it would be nice if any issues could be reported via the west bug tracker ( rather than email, if possible. Thanks again.



From: Bolivar, Marti
Sent: Thursday, July 25, 2019 11:24 AM
To: devel@...; users@...
Subject: west 0.6.0rc1




West version 0.6.0rc1 has been tagged. Release notes are in this pull request:


Testing and feedback are welcome; I’d like this to be the minimum version for Zephyr 2.0. To install this RC, use “pip3 install west==0.6.0rc1” (and pip3 install --user on Linux as usual).


You can “pip3 uninstall west” then “pip3 install west” (without the version specifier) to go back to v0.5.8.





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