Re: Why is 'Sensor' a Peripheral in the API Reference?

Andy Ross

Inertia, probably, and maybe a lack of somewhere better to put them.  Properly "sensors" are an abstract subsystem and the related peripherals would be things like "accelerometers", "gyroscopes", "thermometers", etc...  But we don't really have a heading for "device type subsystem", and pulling these up a level would put "sensors" next to stuff like "power management" where it really doesn't belong.

There's also the problem that while we have a sensor framework abstraction, we, er, kinda lack a lot of actual sensor drivers to use it.

Personally I don't think this is awful, but some reorganization certainly couldn't hurt.


On 7/29/19 2:53 PM, Jennifer M Williams wrote:

Hi all,


What is the rationale for ‘Sensors’ being under ‘Peripherals’ in the API Reference with the ADC, Counter, I2C, SPI, etc.?  Is it because the Peripheral APIs are for hardware-related interface?




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