Request for comments: standard practice for driver-specific extensions

Peter A. Bigot

As discussed in TSC 2019-06-26 there is a need to provide access to extended capabilities when there’s an existing generic subsystem API (like GPIO or COUNTER), but a specific device has additional features that can’t be expressed.

Zephyr draft PR 17072 presents a technical solution using a stubbed real-world device. It now includes a documentation update with the technical details.

Zephyr issue 11993 provides some background.

Zephyr PR 17631 provides the complete ready-to-merge device implementation for an I2C-based high accuracy real-time clock that can be used as a 1 Hz counter.

In the devel review telecon 2019-08-01 we agreed to ask TSC to vote in the 2019-08-07 meeting (next week) on whether the approach described in 11072 is acceptable.

Please review and provide feedback on #17072 in preparation for that vote. If approved #17631 may be a candidate feature for v2.0.0.

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