Re: how to make zephyr as a ble mesh provisioner?

Johan Hedberg

Hi Rahul,

On 24 Jul 2019, at 8.01, rahul tiwari <rahultiwari30694@...> wrote:
what are the steps required to make zephyr OS as a provisioner.
There’s a preliminary pull request to add this feature, but it’s not yet merged upstream:

I flashed the sample board example of mesh over nordic pca10040 , and i cant provision it from BlueZ meshctl
Kindly provide me the way to provision it
Were you asking for provisioner support as a workaround for the above issue, or these are two independent requests? meshctl should be able to provision Zephyr as long as you have PB-GATT support enabled in Zephyr. Nordic’s nRF Mesh app (available for Android & iOS) should work as well.


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