About the Behavior of "z_clock_announce" in SMP?


Hi  folks:
  a puzzle in the timer tick interrupt handler in SMP mode.  look at below,  the SMP mult cores share the same "cur_tick" object to remeber the current time, each cpu would increment it when the tick hander  excutes on each CPU.
so, could this would accelerate the timer compare with the realworld?  for example, if 4cores  exist, the cur_tick would 4 times incmrent than the read world, i cant fingure out where am a wrong, so, could you figure me out?  thanks for your kinldy supply. 

void z_clock_announce(s32_t ticks)

 k_spinlock_key_t key = k_spin_lock(&timeout_lock);

 announce_remaining = ticks;

 while (first() != NULL && first()->dticks <= announce_remaining) {
  struct _timeout *t = first();
  int dt = t->dticks;

  curr_tick += dt;
  announce_remaining -= dt;
  t->dticks = 0;

  k_spin_unlock(&timeout_lock, key);
  key = k_spin_lock(&timeout_lock);

 if (first() != NULL) {
  first()->dticks -= announce_remaining;

 curr_tick += announce_remaining;
 announce_remaining = 0;

 z_clock_set_timeout(next_timeout(), false);

 k_spin_unlock(&timeout_lock, key);


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