Re: west: multiple local west project installations

Jan Van Winkel <jan.van_winkel@...>

Hi David,

I use west for 3 different projects without any problems but I have to admit that I always created the new projects from a fresh shell, so maybe some environment variables are stuck.


On Fri, Aug 16, 2019 at 6:11 AM David Leach <david.leach@...> wrote:

Can I use west to initialize multiple working directories?


I’m experimenting with adding a module and I wanted to a setup so I created a ‘zephyrproject_2’ directory and ran a ‘west init’ command with some additional parameters to use the west.yaml of my url/branch but it returns an error which leads me to think a system can only have one installation:


FATAL ERROR: already in an installation (/home/dleach/work/zephyrproject), aborting


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