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David Leach

Yeah, I'm trying to do some work to add a module when requires 1) adding the module, 2) updating west.yaml, and 3) making changes to the zephyr CMakeLists.txt tree to build the module. But I didn't want to muck with my current project area so hoped that I could just create a new project area.

Unfortunate that it is global if that is true.


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Hello David,

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Can I use west to initialize multiple working directories?

I'm experimenting with adding a module and I wanted to a setup so I
created a 'zephyrproject_2' directory and ran a 'west init' command
with some additional parameters to use the west.yaml of my url/branch
but it returns an error which leads me to think a system can only have
one installation:

FATAL ERROR: already in an installation
(/home/dleach/work/zephyrproject), aborting
My understanding is that *west* installation (i.e. the tool itself) is indeed single/global (though you probably can work that around using Python virtualenv's). But west can definitely manage multiple local "workspaces". I figure the requirement for those is that they don't overlap (which includes containment).

For example, I historically had Zephyr checkout under ~/projects-3rdparty/Embedded/Zephyr/ , and when west became unavoidable, I converted that path to a west "workspace".

Recently, I wanted to create another workspace, and tried to do that under the same ~/projects-3rdparty/Embedded/Zephyr/, but it failed with a message similar to the above. So, I went to create another workspace under ~/projects-3rdparty/Embedded/zephyr-googleiot/ , which worked.

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