Re: west: multiple local west project installations

Carles Cufi

That is actually incorrect, you can have as many installations as you want. In your case:


cd ~/work

west init zephyrproject

west init mytestzephyrproject

cd zephyrproject

west update

cd ../mytestzephyrproject

west update


and then do whatever you want in each of the installations, and choose one by either going into one:


vim west.yml


west update // will only affect mytestzephyrproject

and so on.


I am not sure what makes you think that you cannot have multiple west/zephyr installations in your system, I have several myself without any problems at all.

Note that the zephyr.base-prefer setting will affect how ZEPHYR_BASE is determined though:





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Subject: RE: [Zephyr-devel] west: multiple local west project installations


I want to be able to have multiple installations on my system. To expand out my example:


  • /home/dleach/work/zephyrproject
    • modules
    • zephyr
    • net-tools
    • tools
    • .west
  • /home/dleach/work/mytestzephyrproject
    • modules
    • zephyr
    • net-tools
    • tools
    • .west


I understand that I can’t instantiate a separate project directory tree from within a west created project area but I think I should be able to create multiple project directory trees. But the indication is that using west commits your whole machine to a single project.




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Subject: RE: [Zephyr-devel] west: multiple local west project installations


I am not quite sure I understand David.


“west init” initializes an installation. It creates a top-level folder which then contains a .west/ subfolder and a bunch of other folders that correspond to the manifest repo and west projects.

Once you are inside that installation you cannot really refer to another installation, but you *can* switch the path to the manifest repository by using your ~/.westconfig or the “west config” command. Say you have a zephyrproject/ top-level installation folder and there’s a zephyr/ folder inside it, at the same level as the .west/ folder. Say also that you have a myrepo/ folder at the same folder level that contains a myrepo/west.yml with your own manifest. Then you can do:


west config manifest.path zephyr (&& west update)

west config manifest.path myrepo (&& west update)


to switch between manifest repos while remaining in a single installation.




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no. I want to initialize a second Zephyr project area in parallel. So for example:







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Hi David:

I'm not sure if I understand your question correctly.

Do you mean that you  created "zephyrproject_2" under "/home/dleach/work/zephyrproject" and run "west init"? If so, I don't think you should create "zephyrproject_2" like this. You should create it in another directory, rather than "/home/dleach/work/zephyrproject".


On 8/16/2019 12:11 PM, David Leach wrote:

Can I use west to initialize multiple working directories?


I’m experimenting with adding a module and I wanted to a setup so I created a ‘zephyrproject_2’ directory and ran a ‘west init’ command with some additional parameters to use the west.yaml of my url/branch but it returns an error which leads me to think a system can only have one installation:


FATAL ERROR: already in an installation (/home/dleach/work/zephyrproject), aborting


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