Re: west: multiple local west project installations

Bolivar, Marti

"David Leach via Lists.Zephyrproject.Org"
<> writes:

For historical tracking, the error is because I have ZEPHYR_BASE
environment variable set. Carles and I agree that the error message is
not very helpful.
FTR, I rarely have ZEPHYR_BASE set in my parent environment because I
only need it to run sanitycheck, which I usually do in a new terminal
window since it takes forever. All the usual west-based workflows
(build, flash, debug, etc.) work just fine without ZEPHYR_BASE set as
long as you are running them from a directory in the installation.

Since I don't keep my applications in ~, but rather in ~/zephyrproject,
this works for me and I never run into this problem.

I have a hopefully more helpful error message for people who do run into
this proposed here:

This PR adds the following to the error message:

In your environment, ZEPHYR_BASE is set to:
This forces west to search for an installation there.
Try unsetting ZEPHYR_BASE and re-running this command.

If you have some suggestions, please feel free to comment there.

Sorry for the trouble.


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