Re: What branch should I be using for the 1.14 LTS release?

Marc Herbert

It's still not clear to me what you're looking for but maybe this git command will help:

git log --decorate --no-walk --oneline $(git tag -l v1.14*) upstream/v1.14-branch

5ad3f4a6930d (tag: v1.14.1-rc2, upstream/v1.14-branch) release: bump release to 1.14.0-rc2
03a52401c682 (tag: v1.14.1-rc1) release: bump version to 1.14.1-rc1
cebe11544ebe (tag: zephyr-v1.14.0, tag: v1.14.0) release: Zephyr 1.14.0
9e81cbea7df8 (tag: v1.14.0-rc3) release: Zephyr 1.14-rc3
350f6f715632 (tag: v1.14.0-rc2) release: Zephyr 1.14-rc2
588d7b068c91 (tag: v1.14.0-rc1) release: Zephyr 1.14-rc1

On 23 Aug 2019, at 16:32, Manu R <manu@...> wrote:

Thanks Anas, I should have been clearer in my question, apologies.

It looks like there is a 1.14.1 brewing, I presume that is bug fixes on the 1.14 release. When it is released, I will probably want that, but for now, the last released version is v1.14.0, is that correct?


On Fri, Aug 23, 2019 at 4:24 PM Nashif, Anas <anas.nashif@...> wrote:
v1.14-branch is the branch, all others are tags on the branch.


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Date: Friday, 23 August 2019 at 18:38
To: "devel@..." <devel@...>
Subject: [Zephyr-devel] What branch should I be using for the 1.14 LTS release?

when I do a zephyr (v1.14-branch) $ git checkout v1.14<tab>
v1.14-branch v1.14.0 v1.14.0-rc1 v1.14.0-rc2 v1.14.0-rc3 v1.14.1-rc1



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