OpenThread development guide

Benjamin Lindqvist


I've verified basic OT functionality using the echo_client/server samples with the openthread overlays. That's nice, but it's not obvious to me how I proceed after this. A few things that had me confused:

- how do I configure my Zephyr device as a sleepy end device?
- can I setup my west.yml to clone openthread + dependencies as a module to prevent cmake from doing it at build every time?
- can I modify the network credentials at run-time? Or in other words, does Zephyr support anything but hardcoded OT commissioning?
- can I build NCP firmware for a border router using Zephyr?

etc. Right now I get the impression that the openthread integration is in a sort of proof-of-concept stage. Is this the case? If not, it would be nice with some more documentation, perhaps even a sample app...

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