Build posix sample problem (cmake error)

Andrew Holt

I'm new to Zephyr, just starting to investigate it.

I suspect I'm either missing something or doing something silly.

When I run the following command in the /home/andrewh/Source/zephyrproject/zephyr folder:

west build -b native_posix samples/hello_world

I get :

-- west build: build configuration:
       source directory: /media/andrewh/SOURCE/Source/zephyrproject/zephyr/samples/hello_world
       build directory: /media/andrewh/SOURCE/Source/zephyrproject/zephyr/build
       BOARD: native_posix (origin: command line)
-- west build: generating a build system
CMake Error: The source directory "" does not exist.
Specify --help for usage, or press the help button on the CMake GUI.
ERROR: command exited with status 1: /usr/bin/cmake -B/media/andrewh/SOURCE/Source/zephyrproject/zephyr/build -S/media/andrewh/SOURCE/Source/zephyrproject/zephyr/samples/hello_world -GNinja -DBOARD=native_posix

Any help much appreciated

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